The Humanities is applied to a realm so vast as to embrace literature, drama, and the film; the visual and the decorative arts; music and dance. Introduction to the. What is the Humanities Academy. The humanities is the integrated study of history, literature, language, philosophy, psychology, the visual arts, theater, dance. References: Introduction to Humanities – Custodiosa A. Sanchez; Paz F. Abad The Humanities - Francisco M. Zulueta Introduction to.

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Humanities 11 – Introduction to Arts = color wheel - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Combinar Los Colores de Tu Marca. Uploaded by. Angel Sanchez. art appreciation introduction humanities powerpoint introduction to humanities by sanchez pdf introduction to humanities book introduction to. View from SCIENCE at Centro Escolar University. Lourdes C. Sanchez C. M. Recto Ave., Manila All rights reserved CAP HUMANITIES 1 ART APPRECIATION Description of the Course: Introduction to.

The controlling case for this kind of testimony is generally considered to be Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, U. Daubert, along with various follow-up cases, established a specific set of tests to determine whether or not such evidence should be admissible. It superceded the earlier Frye standard [Frye v. United States, F. This, perhaps obviously, both opens the door to generally accepted pseudoscholarship and also places a substantial burden on new and controversional, but obviously relevant, theories.

Daubert established a five-point checklist, as follows: Whether the theory can be and has been tested. Whether the theory has been subject to peer review and publication. The known or potential error rate of the technique. While the direct application of this case is confined to the USA, other jurisdictions including both Canada and the UK have suggested adopting Daubert-like standards.

This standard is essentially a restatement in more formal terms of the anti-cherry-picking argument of the previous section; one cannot simply make up an analysis technique and present it.

However, a theory that has been shown in independent testing backed up by peer review and publication to be a reliable method of analyzing data, should be taken seriously, a technique that has been studied to a degree that standards of practice are available even more so. This argues that authorship attribution, with a long history of empirical testing, should be able to create evidence to convince both courts and scholars.

At the same time, this also argues more strongly for the discussion and development of such standards by the relevant DH sub-community. The documents in question are published documents and no access is available to the unpublished drafts , the candidate author and his contemporaries are all long-dead, and the stakes of a wrong decision are mercifully low. The second case we wish to discuss Juola, b has much higher stakes and is a good example of how authorship attribution can have a real impact on a real person.

His claim was based on a set of anonymous newspaper articles he had or claimed to have written for an online publisher, articles critical of his home government. If he were returned to this country, he feared persecution, possibly amounting to arrest and torture, for these articles. He was able to offer as supporting evidence a set of other articles, on other subjects, that had been published under his own name.

A key question for the immigration court, and the key question for authorial analysis, is whether the author of the undisputed documents was the same as the author of the anonymous, critical, political essays. In July, an anonymous Twitter user announced that Galbraith was really J. Rowling, the famous author of the Harry Potter series.

The Sunday Times was interested enough to approach the author to resolve this issue as a matter of public interest: Was Cuckoo written by Rowling? The fourth problem is that of the Bitcoin documents Herper, Bitcoin is the name of an increasingly popular cryptocurrency, an electronic payment system that can be used in peer-to-peer transactions and hence free of the need for government or large corporate networks to facilitate.

The original design for the Bitcoin protocol and the original versions of the reference software were written in by a person using the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, no actual person has been identified as the author of these documents, despite rampant speculation. One of the more high-profile suggestions was the Newsweek article that identified a certain Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto as the Bitcoin author. Dorian almost immediately denied this, and Forbes magazine inquired about the possibility of using stylometric analysis to validate or disprove the Newsweek article.

Again, this is a matter of substantial public interest, but also could in theory be a matter of litigation, if Dorian chose to sue Newsweek Cohen, ; Volokh, In fact, there are enough similarities that these could be regarded as a specific subclass of the general authorship attribution problem.

Furthermore, this is demonstrably a rather common subclass. Designation of a protocol for looking at this subclass, a protocol approved by the DH community of practice as discussed above , would be useful.

The first element we note: there is a substantial amount of text available in each case. This applies both to the questioned documents QD to be analyzed and to the known documents to be used as an analytic baseline or training documents. Obviously, Rowling not only has seven lengthy Harry Potter novels to her credit, but also another adult crime novel published under her own name The Casual Vacancy. Poe, of course, was a prolific short-story author with more than fifty stories to his credit, 3 plus poetic works, essays, one novel, and a partial play.

Dorian Nakamoto was a professional engineer with a number of technical documents to his credit, and Baggins was a professional newspaper columnist, and so had an extensive back catalog. The amount of data necessary is of course an area of active research Eder, , but was easily met in all these instances.

The second element is a methodological assumption: with the exception of the Bitcoin case, no one seriously discussed or considered the idea of multiple or co-authorship. Even in the Bitcoin case, the theory proposed by Newsweek was a specific single author. In each case, this author was designated prior to the start of the analysis. This serves two purposes: first, to show how this protocol has been used, and second, to offer the protocol itself to the community for commentary and ultimately we hope validation.

This is of course an empirical assumption, but has been supported by numerous studies Juola, a , a ; Vescovi, as well as by the published results of many competitive evaluations Juola, , b ; Juola and Stamatatos, ; Stamatatos et al.

Current Volume: Volume 2019 (2019)

A is the most likely author, B the next most likely after A, and C still less likely , but not necessarily provide specific probability judgments. A third assumption is that multiple independent analyses are available.

An analysis of the frequency of the fifty most common words using random forests would not be independent of an analysis of that same set of words using nearest neighbor or support vector machines. Similarly, an analysis of the fifty most common words would be very similar to an analysis of the sixty or even most common words.

On the other hand, there is no reason a priori to believe that an analysis of common word frequencies would correlate strongly with an analysis of word lengths. Finally, we assume perhaps controversially that the basic attributes such as age, gender, and nationality of the presumptive author are known to the analyst in order to enable rough matching. As will be discussed, this assumption may not be necessary, and further investigation is appropriate. To address this gap, we follow Koppel et al.

Koppel specifically proposed gathering samples from 10, separate authors based on a single and largely unrelated genre, in this case, collected from blogs.

In practical terms, this may go too far. For certain situations, writers, and genres, the sort of documents gathered by Koppel-like harvesting may be systematically different, and the relevant documents may not be adequately represented by the Koppel harvest. Consider, for example, how a collection of blog posts in modern English would not provide an adequate control sample for Elizabethan. We therefore propose collecting a corpus of distractor authors matched for time period, language, region, genre, and gender.

The exact number of distractor authors at this point is open, but three to seven seems a reasonable range. Perhaps obviously, the discriminative power is greater with more distractors, but the harvesting is more challenging How many female crime novelists from the s from New Zealand are there?

Other than Ngaio Marsh, what distractors are available? Zita Society, P.

One advantage of working with contemporary documents is that clean e-copies are often available at relatively low prices without requiring arduous digitization. The Baggins case involved Baggins himself plus five contemporary online political newspaper columnists.

The interpretation of such analyses is fairly simple. If the predesignated author e. Rowling is suggested as the author of the QD, then this is strong evidence that she is more likely to be the actual author than any of the distractors.

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On the other hand, if a distractor author, such as Ruth Rendell, is selected, this does not mean that the selected author is particularly likely to be the actual author, since the world is full of people who are not J.

Rowling, and Ruth Rendell is merely one among many.


Imagery is a representation of sense experience through language. Images are formed as we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch c. Rhythm and meter. Rhythm is related to beats of the hearts it is a part of our lives as we walk, talk, and other similar activities. Meter, in language, is the accents that are so arranged as to occur at apparently equal intervals of time. Metrical language is call verse. Meaning and idea. The meaning of a poem is the experience it expresses Prose fiction includes narrative stories created by the authors as distinguished from true accounts.

Classes of Prose fiction a. Short story describes characters and events which the author has invented. Elements of a short story 1. Setting refers to the place and the time the story happened. Character is the person or animal stating lines in the story. Plot is the sequence of events 4. Theme is the central insight in a literary work. Language and style.

Language refers to the idioms used and how it is used. Style is a term which may refer to the precise use of language both literary and figuratively; it may refer to the total working out of the short story, taking all the other elements into consideration. Novel is particularly applicable to a long work of prose fiction dealing with characters, situations and scenes that represents those of real life and setting and action in the form of a plot.

Elements of a Novel 1.


Setting of a novel covers the time, place and the background including the geography, climate, beliefs, habits and values of particular region and historical period. Plot is the skeleton or framework which gives shape and proportion to the novel.

Conflict is an important element of the plot. It may be caused by the physical or social environment.

Theme of a novel is the universal truth found in the novel, the main idea or topic. Characters do not only act but also manifested the moral, emotional, and intellectual qualities endowed to them by the author. Performing Arts combined arts are those whose mediums can be both seen and heard and these exist in both space and time.

Handbook for the Humanities

Types of Performing arts 1. Drama or Theater is written primarily to be performed on stage not to read. It normally presents its action through actors; on stage; and before and audience. Elements of a Drama a.

It is concerned with what happened in the story. At the beginning of the play, the author briefly and quickly introduces the characters and provides information about the earlier events and the present situation. This introduction is called the exposition. Although the exposition is brief, the information presented is very important for it helps to explain what happens later or why a character acts the way he does.

Character must be shaped to fit the needs of the plot, and all parts of the characterization must fit together. Thought includes the ideas and emotions implied by the overall meaning of the play.

Language dialogue is a means of expressing the character and the thoughts dramatically. Dialogue is the conversation between two or more characters in a play. Theme is what a story means. The climax is the scene or incident that is the fruition of the accumulated suspense, and the stirs the most intense feelings or emotions. It can also be described as the turning point of a story. Denouement is the working out of the plot, following the climax. In this final part of the play, usually brief but sometimes a full act, the playwright brings the conflict to an end and explains how and why everything turned out the way it did.

Music and Spectacle. Aside from background music, there is of music of speech and movement. Spectacle intensifies emotions in the theater, the elements of spectacles heightens the atmosphere, whether of vitality or terror or sorrow.

Costumes and Make-up. Make-up crew should be allowed plenty of time to do their work after each actor is dressed. Scenery and Lighting include furniture-painted backdrops, or large props, should be real. Proper lighting can add a great deal to the realism of the play. Consider brightness, color and direction in lighting the play. Dance involves the movement of the body and the feet in rhythm. Kinds of Dancing Ethnologic dance is that dance which is native to a specific race or ethnic group.

It includes folk dancing which is a form of social dancing that has become part of the customs and traditions of people.

Introduction to humanities by custodia sanchez pdf - Introduction humanities

Tinikling, Singkil, Banga, Pandango sa Sambalilo. Social or Ballroom dances are a popular type of dancing generally performed by pairs. The Literary Arts Module 4. Music as Art and Science Module 5.

Module 4 Music: Lesson 1. Understanding Music as Art Lesson 3.

Enjoying Music Overview of the Module This module is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge and background that would lead to greater enjoyment of music which is very much a part of contemporary life. This would enhance the quality of your life and make living more pleasurable.

Objectives of the Module After completion of this module, you should be able to: Suggested Readings Berry, Wallace. Form in Music. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Co. Erickson, Robert.

Sound Structure in Music. University of California Press, Harman, Carter. A Popular History of Music.

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New York: Dell Publishing Co. Gaston, E.To ignore the dissimilarity would likely be to commit a false acceptance error.

This transition is perhaps particularly evident in authorship studies over the past few decades. Kuhn, Wolfgang E. Additive process is putting together smaller segments of the material. Students study examples of creative genius in such fields as art, literature, music, philosophy, history, theater, and architecture to better understand the heritage of Western civilization, the cultures of multiple peoples, and ways that the past and its arts are relevant to themselves and contemporary life.

Elements of a Novel 1. A sophisticated dance requires a dancer who will display the movement, convey the message, and tell the story. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or DARPA.

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